Things to do in Calpe at Christmas

Calpe is also full of enthusiasm and activities in these very important times. For this reason, if you plan to visit the municipality or any other on the Costa Blanca, do not hesitate to ask us or take a look at our tourist apartments.

Whether you are an athlete, a romantic or just come to visit us, we propose the following activities:

🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ December 28 – SAN SILVESTRE

👑 December 29 – Royal Page Day

📮📮Until December 31 – History of Postal Mail in Calp

📸Until December 31 – Photographic Exhibition “Calp, ahir i hui

🥳 December 31 – New Year’s Eve party in the Plaza de la Villa

🎶January 4 – Piano Recital

👑 👑 👑 January 5 – Three Kings Parade

🎶 January 6 – Three Kings Concert (Concerto a Tempo D’umore) by the orgestra de cambra

🌟Until 6/1/22 – Exhibition “Nativity scenes of the world”

👼Until 9/1/22 – “Nativity / Nativity Scene Life-size”

Hasta el 9/1/22 – Exposición Belén Municipal

So far the program for Christmas. We hope you can enjoy yourself and remember that Calpe is visited throughout the year because we have activities for the whole family that await you.

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