Calpe La Muralla Roja


LA MURALLA ROJA is located in Calpe, Alicante. It is an emblematic building of the architect Ricardo Bofill Levi located in the La Manzanera Urbanization. Its creation was completed in 1973, although, according to the architect himself, its design began ten years earlier. In other words, we would be talking about an antiquity of almost 6 decades, more than half a century.

The configuration of the building, in an evocation of the constructivist aesthetic, engenders a succession of courtyards connected to each other from where you enter the houses.
As in other buildings in Bofill, the covered terraces are divided into solariums, a swimming pool and a sauna. Its structure responds to a geometric plan supported by the Greek cross typology that meets in different ways, leaving the service towers at the intersection of the crosses.

In itself it is a clear reference to the usual Mediterranean and Arab architecture, especially North African adobe towers and the casbah. The method of using the building with a different chromatic range begins with the purpose of offering a precise relief to the different architectural elements according to their structural functionality.

The building appears cataloged in the Calpe town hall with the Comprehensive custody level. In 2012 an exhibition was held on the building called “LA MURALLA ROJA”, carried out by the idea of the Calpe town hall, it could be visited first in our town hall and later in the Museum of the Faculty of Alicante (MUA). The origin of the contents of this exhibition is in the course work of a group of students of the subject Architectural Projects of the Faculty of Alicante directed by the professor Adriana Figueras and the architect Diana Gómez.

The starting point was the examination of the building, but from there different works have been carried out that make up the body of the exhibition, such as proposals for interventions in the surroundings of the building, the extension of essential values of the property to the rest of the Calpe town hall or totally new and geographically independent projects but based on La Muralla Roja.

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