5 reasons to rent a flat for a romantic getaway

You’ve probably been meaning to do it for a long time. But for one reason or another, you still haven’t given yourself that “little luxury” that keeps the flame of love burning? Whether you are alone as a couple or with your family, renting a holiday flat in Calpe will surely meet all your expectations. And we explain it to you in this article where we will argue the main reasons why you can’t leave this getaway for later

1. Differences unite with teamwork.

Surely when you started dating you had common goals. But after a while, goals change and different jobs and companies can cause the distance to grow. You may not even notice it. But if you stop to think about it, you probably do very few things together (that you enjoy and that motivate you).

For this reason, a romantic getaway will re-create those goals that you are so passionate about, such as going out for dinner, taking a walk on the beach or visiting museums and monuments. All of this will require teamwork to get the most out of the days you are on holiday, enjoying yourselves and without stress. Remember that the brain always helps to de-stress when faced with new challenges.

2. Time is money. Invest in talking and listening.

It is very likely that with the pace we are going at you won’t even have time to talk for a while. Talks that can be superficial, talking about a joke you’ve been told, or the kind of talks where you need to let off steam and tell everything that’s inside you. A romantic getaway will do just that. Endless talks or short ones, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you start communicating again and spend as much time together as you need. Intimate little chats that you will definitely remember later on.

3. To connect you have to dedicate

Dedicate time… Don’t allow routine or tiredness to stifle the relationship. Spend quality time and look for romantic moments such as dinners with beautiful views, a spa, a walk on the beach… In Calpe you have everything you can imagine. And if you run out of ideas, ask us. If you are not a romantic person, don’t worry. Just look for the right moment and make it happen naturally. I’m sure your partner will appreciate your sincerity and intention above all else

4. Because it’s time to have some fun!

We’ve had almost 2 years of pandemic (and what’s left) and it’s time to enjoy yourself. With security measures you can also enjoy yourself. Don’t let restrictions intimidate you. You can have a pleasant life in the midst of this pandemic and your partner will thank you for it. Look for romantic plans and combine them with fun ones, which don’t have to be too expensive. Look for the best views of Calpe at the Ifach Rock and surprise your partner or the whole family with your adventurous spirit (but remember that some activities such as access to the rock may require a reservation).

5. Because travelling is living

If you look back on your memories, the best moments are undoubtedly some of the ones we have mentioned in the previous points. Walks on the beach, mountain excursions, romantic dinners… life is full of little details that make us enjoy them to the full. So, don’t hesitate any longer and we are waiting for you to offer you the best flats in Calpe. Don’t forget to fill your smartphone with all those beautiful memories that in time you can repeat (and without restrictions!).

We are waiting for you with the best flats and villas available in Calpe at LG Rentals.

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